United Testing & Inspection
International Services Inc.

UTIIS is the solution.

Finding quality products and competitive pricing for your company is a challenging feat. Who can you trust? And how do you know that your manufacturer will meet your expectations? You have deadlines to meet and orders to fill.

When your company depends heavily on steel and metal goods to produce its own products, you expect your suppliers to support your production line without causing unnecessary delay. Choosing the right manufacturer and ensuring quality is critical. Having a global network of manufacturers to choose from can be a good thing because it gives you plenty of options in locating one the best fits your company's needs. However, how can you be sure that they can deliver quality products over time? What type of guarantees do you have from your supplier?

We step in to provide the answers and information your company requires before placing your orders. If your manufacturer fails to meet your company's standards, you will know ahead of time and save valuable resources, time, and capital.

UTIIS is a renowned manufacturing sourcing company established to bridge the gap between your business and your manufacturer.

UTIIS Works with Clients on a Global Scale

Whether your company is headquartered in Europe, Asia, North America, or anywhere else in the world, UTIIS is committed to making you our top priority. We are here to help you with critical decisions. UTIIS has the available resources to locate and qualify manufacturers in any part of the world. Our process ensures that we identify the best outsourcing opportunities that meet your specific demands. In the end, you can be confident that our work will lead to a successful relationship with your chosen manufacturer.

UTIIS takes pride in offering companies an ethical and unbiased assessment of steel and metal manufacturers around the world. Our work stems from our understanding of what companies like yours need in terms of quality, time, and money.

Through quality control, comprehensive testing, and thorough on-site audits, our services significantly reduce manufacturing defects and any associated risks.